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Teller AssistedWireless
(Telephone Account Procedures)(Phones, PDA's and Tablets)
How To Open An Account
Call toll-free 1-877-7TAKEBET (1-877-782-5323)

Select Option 4 - "Open Account"

A Customer Service Representative will ask for your personal account information, (click here for application).

After our Customer Service Representative has recorded your information, you will be required to deposit funds into your account.

To make a Wager (once your account is open) call Toll Free 1-877-7TAKEBET (1-877-782-5323)

Select Option 1 - "Make a Wager"

A wagering representative will ask for your account number and passcode to gain access to your account. Once the representative accesses your account, they will inform you of your account balance. You are then able to make a wager. This representative will also have access to live odds and results.

Have Questions about your account?

Select Option 4 - "Speak to a Customer Service Representative"

A Customer Service Representative will assist you in making deposits and withdrawals on your account.

They are also available for questions and comments in reference to your account or wagers that you have placed in the past with us. Our Customer Service Representative can also give our program schedule for the upcoming week.

Greyhound Channel has now extended its account wagering services on Greyhound, Harness and Thoroughbred races to wireless Internet ready phones and PDA's.

Greyhound Channel customers can access their accounts, check account balances, totalisator odds, results, payouts and place wagers in any pools offered by host tracks around the country. Even non-account holders can check current odds and results from their favorite track. To access the wireless site, log on to from any web-enabled wireless telephone or Internet browser.

The format was designed for ease of use by Greyhound Channel. It was field tested extensively in the US and Europe prior to launch. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WAGERING SYSTEM IS ACCESSIBLE ONLY DURING TOTE HOURS. DAILY - 6:00 A.M. - MIDNIGHT (PACIFIC TIME).