Why can't I access my account?
Have you entered your pin number incorrectly three times? There is a security feature which disables the account after three failed attempts at logging in. Call customer service to have your account reactivated. top
I completed the on-line application. Why can't I wager?
For security purposes and immediate assistance, please contact our Customer Service Representatives toll free at 877-782-5323 or e-mail us at [email protected] top
What's the minimum dollar amount that I can withdraw by check?
The minimum dollar amount that can be withdrawn by check is $50. top
Why haven't I received my withdrawal check?
(a) Unless otherwise specified, we mail withdrawal checks via U.S. Postal Service. Please allow ten business days for delivery. (b) Greyhound Channel does not stop payment on withdrawal checks unless it has been at least ten business days since the mailing date. top
What payment methods can I use to make a deposit and how long does it take for a deposit/withdrawal to post to my account?
There are many options available and each one has different limits and timeframes. Click here to view deposit/withdrawal informationtop
Why haven't you deposited my check yet?
(a) Personal checks will be posted to your account after a 3-business day hold. Personal checks from customers who have previously sent NSF checks are subject to a 7-business day hold. Please remember that we rely on the US mail to deliver mailed items. Perhaps we haven't received it yet. top
How do I wager online?
Select wagering application from Bet Now section on homepage. top
I'm having problems using your website. Can you help me?
We recommend the usage of the latest official versions of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome

If you don't have the latest version of one of the browsers listed, please upgrade your browser. To use our website you will also require the latest version of Adobe Flash Player If you still are having issues please make sure all browser security levels are set to default.

Note: Firefox does present an issue when using the Back button to navigate to the Home Page. To avoid this issue click the Home Button to go Home. For Java, we recommend removing all versions of it from your computer, under the add/remove program. Please make sure you have the latest version from www.java.com , so you can take advantage of our Build-A-Bet and applications.

Problems with our website are usually related to personal computers. Make sure you have updated versions of your web browser, and that the security settings allow cookies to be written from our web site. Greyhound Channel web site recommends Internet Explorer 6.0, NetScape 4.5 or better, with a resolution of 800X600.

Can I open an account on the phone with you?
Yes. If you want to give us your information by phone, we will fill out the online application on your behalf and send you a signature page via e-mail. If you don't have an email account, we can fax or mail you the signature page. top
What tracks are available for wagering on the Greyhound Channel?
Click here to view a list of available tracks.top
Your website says you offer this track. Why can't I play it?
(a) All customers are subject to the laws of the state they live in, the laws of the state of the host track, and the regulations of the individual track. Your ability to wager is contingent on those regulations. (b) Some tracks are only offered through a live operator and cannot be wagered over the Internet. If you have questions about a particular track, call customer service. (c) Some states do not allow account wagering on a track within your state of residence. Click here to check if it is allowed to wager in your state of residence.top
What is takeout and how much is it at tracks you offer?
In pari-mutuel wagering all money wagered is placed into a common pool. A commission, or "take-out", is removed from the pool and the remaining money is returned to the bettors with winning wagers.Take- out varies by the type of bet and the racetrack where the bet is placed. Please contact Greyhound Channel Customer Service for the take-out rate for specific tracks. top
What are the different types of bets available?
There are many bet types available. Click here to see a list and description of bet types.top
I can play this track, and I know the track offers this bet. Why can't I play it?
A customer's ability to play any wager depends upon the laws of the state they live in, the laws of the state of the host track, and the regulations of the individual track. For example: some Florida dog tracks offer a Double Quinella, but our customers cannot wager in those pools; those wagers must be placed at the track. Our customers can place wagers on the Big Q at tracks were it is offered. (b) Exchange wagers (Twin-Trifectas, Tri-Supers, Big Q), must be placed through a live operator. top
How can I watch the races?
Video can be viewed by accessing the Watch All Races Live section above the Quick Links on our homepage. Or, when you log into the GHC Express, Build-A-Bet2 or Direct Bet wagering applications. top
How can I view and print race programs?
Programs can be accessed in the Free Program section under Quick Links on the homepage. Race programs are also available on our Greyhound Channel Express wagering application. After logging into the application, click on free programs. You can print the program using your web browser's print function. Race programs are available for Greyhound and Virtual Racing tracks only. top
Where can I find odds?
Odds can be viewed on the Greyhound Channel website after you have logged on to our wagering applications. top
Do you offer parlay wagers?
We are currently unable to offer parlay wagers. top
Are my winnings taxed? How are the taxes handled?
Your winnings are taxed just like they would be at the track. In general, winning wagers are reportable to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) when winnings are (1) $600 or more; and (2) at least 300 times the amount of the wager (or "Reportable Winning Wagers"). Reportable Winning Wagers are filed with the IRS using Form W-2G.

If winnings minus the wager exceed $5,000 and the winnings are at least 300 times the wager, then federal income tax must be withheld at a rate of twenty-five percent (25%). Such withholding applies to the total amount of winnings less the amount of the wager, not merely the amount in excess of $5,000. Any federal income tax withholding is reported using form W-2G.

We will mail you a W2G the day after the wager was made. You may be subject to additional state and local taxes based on your state of residence.

Can I receive a printout of my account for tax purposes?
Yes, you can request a summary of your account at any time. top
How fast are my winnings credited to my account?
As soon as the race results have been declared official by the host track. top
What fees do you charge?
(a) We have no fees to open an account or deposit. Speaking to a live operator is also free.
(b) There is no fee for withdrawals by check or GHC ACH.
(c) USPS Priority mail fee is $7.50; USPS Express fee is $25.75.
(d) After 6 months of inactivity, $1.75 /month fee will be assessed to your account.
Are my credit/debit card deposits treated like purchases or cash advances?
The system we use to process card transactions (Cash Club) treats all deposits like cash advances, but the exact details vary from bank to bank. Call your bank for more information. top
Can I use someone else's credit/debit card to make a deposit?
No. For security purposes, we only allow credit/debit transactions from the account holder's cards. top
I've moved, how soon do I need to update you with my address?
As soon as possible. top
What are your hours of service?
Our standard hours of operation are 6:00 am - midnight Pacific time, however, we will close after the last card on our daily schedule posts their last race. top
How do I close an account?
You can request to close your account at any time. Call customer service to have your remaining account balance mailed to you. Once an account number is closed it cannot be used again. top
Can I change my PIN or security code?
You can request to have your PIN or security code changed at any time by calling customer service. top
How do I know the website and my information is secure once I submit it?
Our website and wagering application use the latest encryption technology, and is compliant with all laws regarding data storage and transfer. top