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Owned and operated by US Off-Track, d/b/a the Greyhound Channel (GHC) is a joint venture between three of America’s most successful greyhound racetracks. In 2000, with the advent of legislation in the State of Oregon to permit multi-jurisictional hubs, Greyhound Channel applied for and was issued a license to conduct account wagering. In April, 2000, Greyhound Channel, equipped with a state-of-the art AmTote International multi-community totalizator hub supported by a highly trained staff of wagering operators and customer service representatives commenced taking wagers. In addition, Greyhound Channel deployed internet and wireless (mobile) internet wagering technology.

In 2023, Greyhound Channel was issued a Mutli-Jurisdictional Service Provider and Account Deposit Wagering License from the North Dakota Racing Commission.

Through its partnership with America’s premier tracks, the Greyhound Channel conducts simulcasting and pari-mutuel wagering from Greyhound, Thoroughbred and Harness tracks.

A portion of all wagers struck benefits the individual tracks and the dedicated dog and horse men and women.

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If you have any comments or suggestions on how we may improve our customer service or are experiencing any wagering difficulties, please email custserv@GreyhoundChannel.com. Greyhound Channel values your views and opinions, and we aim to ensure that your visit is informative and entertaining.

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